Before/After 1 • Clothing
Before/After 2 • Clothing
Before/After 3 • Clothing

Before/After 4 • Clothing
Before/After 5 • Clothing
I was obsessed by these 70’s seat my grandmother had in her attic. I knew that when i would get my own house , i would re-new them. Here is the result of a great upholsterer near my home !


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Maya Erika via Facebook
Maya Erika via Facebook

really? i liked them better before

Helle Koed Paulsen via Facebook

how elegant and delicate they are, a yellow pillow will dress them … nice work :)

Jacque Childress via Facebook
Jacque Childress via Facebook

What color are they now? (pic doesn’t show). I think the red and and black original was pretty cool. Whatever, they are an awsome design!

Gérald Janniaux via Facebook
Gérald Janniaux via Facebook

Great work! Beautiful finish!


These look wonderful!!!

Eco Arts Awards via Facebook

We need more entries in our Repurposed Materials in Art & Design category.


hello, i ve just downloaded the pic of your armchairs last nigth ,to remember their nice design, and look at what i’ve found 2 hours ago in a garage sale. here in france … for a really cheap price … :) here’s a pic i took for you :

i like the red black color, and i’ll keep it i think …and the vinyl is like crocodile skin, unfortunately with some little damages i’ll have to fix !


@greg : great ! :-)
How much did you buy it ?


yes i was really lucky, it was 18 euros, ( 24$) but there was only one ….it was a second hand shop, not really a garage sale but i don’t know the name in english i ‘ll go back to ask the shop owner if he can have an other one, these are often coming by pair, perhaps the other one was too damaged to be sold but it can easily be refurb just as you done for yours …it’s all made of heavy leather-like vinyl that i wont be able to find in stores now, i’d like a yellow/black… Read more »

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