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57 Edsel Station Wagon... Planterbox, Bench Seating & Bike Racks

By Neokentin

Repurposed… A neighborhood organization asked me to design and fabricate a “cornerstone” installation for a parking area the city was installing. The area is well known for its retro shops […]

Desk Lamp Made From Recycled Car Parts

By Neokentin

Made from a series of discarded auto parts, this lamp is most unique.

Tailgate Letter Blocks

By Neokentin

Letter cut from a 50’s Chevrolet tailgate, sanded down to original color, wet sanded and polished. Mounted on hand forged round stock. Lightly clear coated. No useable tailgate was harmed […]

Renault 4l Club Armchair

By Neokentin

Made out of a 1968 4L Renault. I love using and transforming what I find in recycling centers and in the street.

License Plate Art & Maps

By Neokentin

I make all kinds of art and maps using recycled, vintage, expired license plates. Hope you enjoy! More pieces available to view over on Design Turnpike website.

Green Beetle

By Neokentin

Nothing to say…love it ! :) ++ Photo by Morten Flyverbom !

Tyre Planter

By Neokentin

This tyre plant pot was created using a discarded old car tyre which I cut into the top side and then with some extra help it was then turned inside […]

Ze Grange: Creations from Old Car Parts & Metal

By Neokentin

Romain (Ze Grange) is a young creator who makes many objects with pieces of dead car and metal!

4l Stop Lamp

By Neokentin

A lamp made from an old 4L car stop ! ++ Atelier Bois d’Ame

Hubcaps Crocheting

By Neodim

Artist Julie Kornblum rediscovered hubcaps by crocheting plain flowers around them.


By Neodim

Recycling parts of computers and other electronic items, Enrique Conde discovered that a broken mouse could be a gasoline tank, a cell phone could be a comfortable seat, and a […]

Citroën 2cv Lights Into Desk Lamp

By Neokentin

Old lighthouses of cars “citroën 2cv” got back, recycled and transformed into a desk lamp, lamppost, chandelier.

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