by Charly Molinelli

Crashed Ferrari Becomes A Table

Crashed Ferrari Table by Charly Molinelli.

Crashed Ferrari Becomes A Table 3 • Mechanic & Friends


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Ashley Capybara Warden via Facebook

i always wondered what i could do with my smashed up ferrari

Alison Traynor via Facebook
Alison Traynor via Facebook

heavens? well i guess we all do love recycled art!

and why wouldn’t you really!

Colleen S Moore via Facebook
Colleen S Moore via Facebook

is that the whole car? or only parts?

Tmea Kosztricz Jonas via Facebook
Tmea Kosztricz Jonas via Facebook

hopefully no blood in it… :(

Hip Urban Green via Facebook

Takes the saying “One man’s trash, another man’s treasure” to the next level :)

Jacqueline Termaat


Kerri Riley

Greqt idea for a car that holds sentimental value. Would live to have a table of my first car!

David Reptiles Poliani


Carole Middleton

Just hoping that whoever crashed the car is ok. Not something I would want as a table. For me being hit by another car some yrs. back is something I have tried to forget.

Kathie Shearer

A sad end for a beautiful car.

Anne Millar Cook

Hope nobody died in it – horrible idea. :-(

Ger Rus
Ger Rus

to uncomfortable to sit around that. Its a shame!!

Didier Sauvage

Ah les routes corses!

Kerry Vintage-val Lewis

Colin Davies

Colin Davies

Gutted! Good idea though!

Colin Davies

One expensive table!

Kristen Jones

That’s an expensive table…. ??

Robin Lamihaute

it only a small piece. A whole crushed car would need a crane to move it. I had this idea as a teenager.

Katrin Keller-Leistikow

Dann wären die Schrottplätze ned so voll

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