Leslie’s Mobil Oil Clock “Ralph”

By dpcreativespace

A tribute to: The Aladdin Oil (Standard Oil of New York) SOCONY and the Wayne gas pump clock face.

Wine Barrel Dog House

By 2SisterArt

My sister loved animals!! To say the least. She and I had been working toward starting our own business (2SistersArt), she being the inspiration that pulled the creative genes that […]

Paradox: Outdoor Bbq From An Old Gas Cylinder

By Neokentin

The paradox we created using a gas cylinder to build a cool coal barbecue. All the pieces that compose it are inside the cylinder and make it easy to carry […]

An Upcycled Greek Tavern

By Artizachen Jaffa

Yamas is a modern tavern located in the heart of Beit Yanai mall in Israel, yet produces anti-mall-thesis of atmosphere and design. The idea was to create authenticity of a […]

Oak Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair

By Wine Barrel Chairs

I make Wine barrel Adirondack chairs from used Napa oak wine barrels. I started this in my garage several years ago and it is now a hobby gone wild! For […]

Oil Drums Upcycled Into Beautiful Furniture by The Urbanite Home

By Neokentin

We already showcased some cool furniture made from upcycled oil drums such as these chairs or these incredible “Dentelles & Bidons” furniture. With thousands of oil drums discarded everyday around […]

The Right Bench To Do The Job

By Stil Novo Design

From the cute little seat that accompanies you through your meditation sessions, to that single perfect bench that waits for you next to the door when you need to take […]

From An Old Port Wine Barrel To An Art-deco Stool

By Neokentin

I came across an old port wine barrel from the 1920, which had seen its best of days many years ago. The wood did not have any rot and the […]

Wine Barrel Sidecar

By Neodim

A pretty kickin’ sidecar for the wine lover :)

Saba, Recycled Wine Barrel Stave Kitchen Island Light

By Stil Novo Design

Saba is a pendant ceiling light completely handcrafted using reclaimed oak stave’s, recycled from discarded French wine barrels and reinvented into this elegant, unique light fixture. Saba is ideal as […]

Handmade Skateboards From Wine Barrels: The Barrel Board Experience Project

By Neodim

Overlord skateboards are hand shaping boards in France. For this limited edition of only 10 boards, they reused Cabernet Franc wine barrels from Le sot de l’Ange to make unique […]

L’horloge Cargo

By Neokentin

My clocks are made from a recycled 200 liters metal barrel and an assembly of recycled metal pieces and riveted together. Mes horloges “bidons” ne le sont pas tant que […]

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