Oil Drums Upcycled Into Beautiful Furniture by The Urbanite Home

We already showcased some cool furniture made from upcycled oil drums such as these chairs or these incredible “Dentelles & Bidons” furniture.

With thousands of oil drums discarded everyday around the world, designers have a good resource of raw material for their projects. Today we present you the work of a little Irish company called The Urbanite Home, founded by Phil Davison and based in Ireland (in Newtownards to be exact). The Urbanite Home make some amazing modern chairs & tables from discarded oil drums, the gap between design and art is very narrow with these beautiful pieces!


From The Urbanite Home:

These metal barrels have very little scrap value, and are costly for industries to recycle; so the majority are disposed of into general waste and end up in landfill sites, causing pollution and environmental and health hazards. Giving industrial waste a second life, and injecting life into our environment, both literally and aesthetically.




All the furniture are handmade which seems evident as making such furniture through industrial process looks impossible.

Our furniture is made by cutting, welding and riveting oil barrels by hand, whilst maintaining the unique identity each barrel would have acquired from its service history. With their rough-and-ready features, it is not difficult to imagine the barrels’ previous lives spent traveling the high seas, being left outside in the rain, and getting a few knocks while being transported along bumpy roads in far away lands.

Very nice work!


Via: UpcycledZine

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Wow very cool way to use up such things as oil drums. Those are awesome.

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