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Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse

By rbk

Steel bird house from scrapped pipe, plate, bars and rods.

Upcycled Wine Bottle Crates Into Birdhouses

By Neodim

I made these birdhouses by recycling old wine bottle wooden crates.

Birdhouse Made from Recycled Can, Scraps and a Cologne Box

By Georgina Verbena

Birdhouse made with recycled aluminum-cardboard can, scraps and a cologne box. By Georgina Verbena. Maybe you can feed some real birds !

Tetrapak Bird House

By Neokentin

A Tetrapak with raised ears, white sprayed and supplemented with pencil helps from now on as a food source the birds to survive the winter.

Birdhouse Lamp

By yonolotiraria

I build this decorative birdhouse lamp with Washi tape.

Wine Cork Birdhouse

By Neodim


Recycled Bird House

By Neodim

Plenty of design for recycled bird houses here

Tree to Hide a Drain Pipe

By Neodim

What an idea to hide a drain pipe and build birdhouses !  

Diy : Tea Cup Bird Feeder

By Neodim

I saw this idea at the flea market and couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Can you believe they were charging $10 each for these? Wow! ++RockiesCrafts

Golfer's Birdhouse

By Neokentin

For the birds lover golfer inside you ! ++ Pictures by Jeannette Greaves !

Bird Cathedral

By Neokentin

Nothing to say…just admire ! ++ Fabrika website

Old Boot Into Birdhouse

By Neodim

++ DinnerTimeChimes

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