Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse

Sculpting in an abstract form has allowed me to capture and define each subject’s basic power and essence. Simplifying structures and eliminating detail allows my sculptures to dominate the very area they inhabit boldly. I feel my Mordheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse exemplifies my design principles.

A bold, abstract Recycled Metal Birdhouse can bring interest to any room of the house, or even in an outdoor living area!

Finding scrap metal is the easy part. Grinding, welding, and shaping the project the way I want takes a little more time. I used J-B Weld on the colored pieces to bond them in place. The J-B Weld I used has a tensile strength of 3960 PSI. Next, I welded the white plates together. I bolted the yellow house in place by using two countersunk bolts through the white upright. Then I upcycled some fridge magnets for the green-painted dots on the backside of the white plate. They cover the bolt heads while the other can be placed wherever you like.

Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse 1 • Garden Ideas

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