How To Make An Easy Scrap T-shirt Flower Brooch

By boreidesign

How to use an old t-shirt to make an easy flower brooch or embellishment.

Diy: Making Ring and Clip from Discarded Pencils

By Neokentin

A DIY tutorial to show you how to make a ring and a clip from discarded color pencils!

Death by Spoon

By Neokentin

Table spoons upcycled into skull jewellery.

Steampunk Style Recycled Brass Bullets

By Neokentin

I belong to a victorian era club that combines vintage clothing with competition shooting with period correct firearms. While most of our shooters reload their own ammunition, after about 3 […]

Bottle Cap Medallion Brooch and Earring

By Neokentin

With the help of a friend who works at a beer place, I’ve collected a bunch of bottle caps. Always wanted to turn them into something beautiful, so here’s a […]

Recycled Plastic Bottles Jewelry

By Neokentin

I am just coming back from the Western Sahara desert and I was quite dismayed by the fact that I could almost see more plastic and abandoned destroyed cars than […]

Can Fish Brooch

By Neokentin

I made this brooch using a drink can, some buttons and a cord.

Tac Tac Multipurpose Magnetic Brooches

By Neokentin

My multipurpose magnetic brooches, are just what you need to adorn your outfits. They are so nice, colourful, light: you can wear them wherever you like! On the neckline of […]

Upcycled Eco Jewelry and Accessories

By Neokentin

We are a small workshop located in Canary Islands, Spain, in which we combine the passion for design, the arts and environmental care in designing unique handmade pieces of jewelry […]

Coffee Flower Brooch

By Neokentin

Handmade coffee flower brooch from coffee bags. Different techniques for implementation.

Nespresso Capsules Into Flower Shape Brooches

By Neokentin

Nespresso brooches in a flower shape – a great idea for recycling the coffee capsules and make them look beautiful :)

Vintage Crochet Doily Brooch

By Neokentin

I love using crochet doilies to make one of a kind pieces that are like a tiny artwork in themselves. All the beads are individually hand sewn onto the doily, […]

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