by Nel Colombini

Tac Tac Multipurpose Magnetic Brooches

My multipurpose magnetic brooches, are just what you need to adorn your outfits. They are so nice, colourful, light: you can wear them wherever you like! On the neckline of a dress or a blouse, or on the lapel of a jacket for a glamorous effect! Their magnets are so powerful as to make them wearable on most fabrics. Their neodymium magnet, the most widespread type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet and the strongest type on the market. Its counterpart, covered with protective film, was designed to protect the skin from their standard nickel coverage and make them safe and attractive at the same time. Made from PET bottles – sometimes combined with egg boxes or other plastic stuff – “TAC TAC” are appropriately cut, coloured, flame-worked and assembled with semi-precious stones, Bohemian crystals, metallic beads, silver components or custom jewellery and so on, in order to create aesthetically stylish pieces…A practical way to offer both elegant, economically and environmentally sustainable fashion.
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