Sassy Upcycled Silverplate Sculptures You Can Make!

By pattysgreenart

What do you do when you find a dusty box of old sugar bowls in the closet? Well, you make some Junk Jewelry Sugar Bowl Dolls! It was fun to dream up an idea to use them all plus it was an opportunity to use up a lot of old necklaces and miscellaneous junk in my Repurposing Supplies drawers.

Upcycled Instruments Become Lightmusic Lamps

By LightMusic

With a passion for the beauty of musical instruments and a desire to honor their original purpose, I design a new intent for broken instruments. They continue in joyous, melodic harmony as beacons of LightMusic – sculptures that happen to light up – celebrate imagination, whimsy, and the music that still echoes within their graceful shapes. They will up brighten any corner, not to mention the corners of a smile as they cast their glow. LightMusic has to be seen in person to truly appreciate their allure. As such, we are in need representation by art galleries and venues to spotlight their magical qualities.

Old Saucer Repurposed Into Candleholder

By Ronja Lotte

I am currently hard at work to design new products for craft shows and as always I get one idea after another for new candleholders. I think, I could exclusively […]

Can-delites, The Only Way To Burn A Candle

By David Yerzy

I’m sorry, I’m spoiled for life. To me, there is no better way to observe, absorb, to meditate with a candle, than to embellish it into a realm of new dimension Weather it be casting its light around your garden on a summers eve, or to be enhancing your next seance Can-delites will transform mit to the next level…

Bike Chain Cross Sconce

By Waldemar Sha

This is a candle holder made from old bike chain and some spare parts.

Bike Enthusiast Candleholder

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed, upcycled, decorative candle holder – great for personal use, gifts, or wedding tablescapes. Each reclaimed cog set has been cleaned & sealed as into a unique artistic design; no […]

5 Minute Candlesticks

By Ronja Lotte

For years, I have been following the Washi tape craze in the crafting scene and although I own one or two Washi tapes myself, I never really knew what to […]

Tea Light Holder

By Ronja Lotte

While I am writing these words, I can hear a voice in my head: “Not again a DIY cutlery project!” Do I have a choice? Since I ran wild on […]

Custom Recycled Steel Designs: Whimsical Tree Edition

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled steel that has been handcrafted into an original whimsical tree for your home decoration as it could be used as a candle holder. The posted photos show a […]

Real Eggshells Candles

By Neodim

Easter is coming and what about making some nice Easter table decoration with those candles made from real eggshells. The eggshells are filled by vegetable wax with a pastel color […]

Candle Light From Upcycled Old Cans

By Neodim

Hand made candle light designs made from old cans. Dog food, soup, vegetable, coffee, it’s all re-usable. I came with this idea because many of these cans are not being […]

Diy: Candle Holders with Recycled Coffee Capsules

By Craft and Fun

DIY Candle Holders are perfect for gift or for home decor. It will give you a nice and unique fresh look to your room.

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