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Metal Sculpture Recycled Chess Pieces

By gille monte ruici

Don’t buy cheesy, cheap discount store chessmen. Instead, make your Recycled Chess Pieces. No special skills or techniques are required. The industrial artwork movement, as well as the steampunk art […]

Old Lightning Chess

By Neokentin

With litlle pieces of old lighting, we created the pieces of a chess game.

Poor Man's Chess

By Neokentin

Chess set made from plastic bottle top parts. I did not have money to buy a chess set so I decided to make my own from found plastic bottles.

Xiang Qi (Ca Tuong) - Chinese Chess Set

By Neokentin

The figurines are made from different parts in steel, aluminium, brass, leather out-take, glass marbles… I used an old motor copper wire to sew the leather. The game board is […]

Sponge Backgammon

By Neodim


Bolts Chess Pieces!

By Neokentin

Glues some nuts and bolts together for these, then a prime coat, and dry brushed for a rustic look.

Chess Set Made of Corks

By Matenak

Last year I decided to make a chess set out of corks. No reason for it I don’t have much to do with chess other than I know the rules… […]

Chess Game Set Made From Shopping Cardboard Box And Bag

By Neokentin

Chess set made from a cardboard packing box, which was cut into different-sized pellets, and a shopping bag, which was cut into strips, hand-rolled into paper pearls, and mounted on […]

Chess Table Made of Old Phone Booth

By Neodim

AFTER / BEFORE Made by Milnec Design. They strongly felt that a used and discarded phone booth should be given back to the public realm in a new form. ++ […]

Utube Chess

By Neodim

Great chess game made by Eric Claverie (French Designer). Unique piece made of several metal parts from tubes. ++ Eric Claverie ++Sold here

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