Chess Set Made of Corks

Last year I decided to make a chess set out of corks. No reason for it I don’t have much to do with chess other than I know the rules… But I always make something out of junk, and I have a friend who owns a pub.

Chess Set Made of Corks 1 • Recycled Cork
Chess Set Made of Corks 2 • Recycled Cork
Chess Set Made of Corks 3 • Recycled Cork

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Upcycling via Facebook
Upcycling via Facebook

Amazing….you can really do thousand of things out of wine corks..I saw last day a beautiful bath map


Hi! this is a great idea :) I made one myself some time ago, I hope you like it too!

Explanations are in Spanish. I used fishing leads and coins to give the pieces some weight and a polished aspect. Your cork box is really neat, now I must make something like that! :D

Let's do it World via Facebook

so cool idea :)


What did you use to sculpt the corks?

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