#christmas décor

Mosaic Box from Old Christmas Cards

By jpario

Everything was trash except the glue, old Christmas cards and an empty box. (There’s a brief tutorial on my blog if you are interested. ) This was a time-consuming project, […]

String Snowman

By Neodim

What a cute tiny repurposed snowman made only with string & repurposed buttons.

Stamp With Plastic Container

By Ohoh blog

Recycle plastic container used for food packaging making fun geometric stamps!

Songsters To Spread Holiday Cheers From Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

By Neodim

Perfect idea to spread the spirit of Christmas! Simple use old toilet paper rolls to make them. Your kids will love this project! :)

Light Bulbs Upcycled Into Xmas Tree Ornaments

By Neokentin

You can craft spectacular Christmas ornaments if you keep your burnt out light bulbs!

Newspapers Origami Wreath

By Neokentin

This wreath cost almost nothing: the origami is made from newspapers, the ornaments had old, crusty varnish and the wire was left over from a friend’s floral project. Even the […]

Recycled Christmas Bulb Decorations

By Neokentin

Upcycle your old light bulbs into supra cute Christmas decorations!

Christmas Ball Made ​​with Recycled Floppy Disk

By Craft and Fun

Christmas ball made with the magnetic disk which is located inside of the floppy disk.

Diy: Advent Calendar

By Neokentin

Unable to bring myself to buy those tasteless and full of paraffin chocolates calendars, I made the happiness of my children by making this calendar, inspired by DIY advent calendars. […]

Christmas Star From Twigs

By Agy

Make a Christmas star from twigs, beads and buttons.

Corks & Felt Nativity

By Neokentin

This nativity is simply made with corks and felt.

Computers Memory Recycled For Christmas

By Neokentin

I’ve been recycling computers into art for a while now, and there always seems to be extra memory sticks left over. So for this, I took the prettiest looking RAM, […]

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