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Diy: Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

DIY Christmas tree for the kids.

Alternative Egg Carton Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

Saving our planet’s magnificent nature comes with many responsibilities, but sometimes, the smaller things are which matter the most. This year, you can forget about the big, old, expensive trees, […]

Christmas Tree Made With Wood Branches

By Neokentin

I picked up a pile of wood branches found on the road and make a Christmas Tree with them.

Christmas Tree Prosit

By Neokentin

These days I have been very operational. As I say my brain was in fermentation. And during this phase, the ideas come one after the other like a river in […]

Pallet Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

Using an old pallet, cut the shape of a tree, paint it green and add some fancy Christmas art deco and lights to it. Makes a perfect Christmas decoration for […]

18 Ingenious Diy Christmas Trees

By a piece of rainbow

Everyone loves Christmas trees. However, a tree can take up a lot of space! So what if you have limited space? What if you want ten trees just because you […]

1500 Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

Christmas tree made out of 1500 recycled plastic bottles.

Xmas Tree Made With Pallet Leftover

By Neodim

What is left when you cut a Christmas tree in a pallet? 2 pieces of a pallet. And finally you have another stylish Christmas tree, even more recycled than the […]

Christmas Tree Adobos with Scrap Fabrics (Addobbi Albero Di Natale Con Avanzi Di Stoffe)

By Neokentin

For these adobos were used scraps of fabric and edges of plastic cups as a support structure … and lots of passion in realizing them. Per questi addobbi si sono […]

10 Amazing Upcycled Christmas Trees From All Around The World

By Neokentin

Christmas is in few days, and we shared here some fresh and original Christmas Trees done by our reader with recycled & upcycled materials. Here is a selection of the […]

365 Sleighs For A Christmas Tree In Budapest

By Neodim

This year the Palace of Arts in Budapest celebrates Christmas with an 11 meters high Christmas tree. Hello Wood, a local architecture and design studio, has built a unique installation made out of 365 […]

Broccoli Christmas Tree

By Neodim

The cutest & smallest Christmas tree you could do! :)

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