by Veronica Adriane

Alternative Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Saving our planet’s magnificent nature comes with many responsibilities, but sometimes, the smaller things are which matter the most. This year, you can forget about the big, old, expensive trees, millions of which are sold every year slowly killing Earth’s vegetation. You can make a tree yourself by simple materials such as paper and egg carton. All you need to do is use your imagination, stack the egg boxes in the form of a tree and decorate your tree with colorful Xmas elements. Gather some inspiration for your upcycled tree and put your crafting skills into work.


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Blissfull Pelita

great ….

Taller Luz de Luna

se paso para creativo

Scrap wood city


Susan Mcauliffe

Then they can be used for planting seedlings and composted.


This is really nice! Thank you for the suggestion. It is really better to do this than buy a new Christmas tree. In the long run, you get to save money and you get a platform to showcase your creativity too. You can even use this an opportunity to make this a bonding experience for the family.

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