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Concerto Grosso Nuovo Sculpture On A Cello

By Sbrewer

“I love vintage 60-150-year-old beautifully designed parts and objects, especially musical instruments or ancient mechanical objects. The graphic design and engineering of the industrial to the science fiction eras inspire me.”

A concerto literally means, “little ensemble” in which musical material is passed between a small group of soloists and/or full symphony. The musical form was developed in the late seventh century. Nuovo (new) Concerto Grosso’s enjoyed a resurgence in the 20th century inspiring composers Stravinsky, Bloch, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Villa-Lobos, Phillip Glass and many others.

Jewelry And Accessories Made From Recycled Electronic Parts

By Neokentin

This products are made with various recycled electronic pieces like cellphone or PCB (printed circuit board). The list is infinite. I reuse everything from electronics components that express my fantasy.

Technological Mandalas Made from Soldered Electronic Components

By Neokentin

Leonardo Ulian is an Italian designer who specializes in making sculptures made from electronic and radio components soldered in large networks called mandalas (Sanskrit word meaning circle, community, environment). With the […]

Computer Parts Art On Canvas

By Neokentin

I create computer part art using discarded computers and electronics components. Combining a blank canvas and paint to create a unique and memorable art experience to save them from ending […]

Jewelry and Accessories Made from Electronics Waste

By Neokentin

Electron Memories is an idea that represents my Jewelry and accessories made ​​from recycled electronic components. Memories Electron was born by combining my passion for technology, art and the need […]

Necklaces from Recycled Electronic Circuits

By Neokentin

Necklaces made from recycled electronic components and circuits.

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