by Marina Griponisioti

Necklaces from Recycled Electronic Circuits

Necklaces made from recycled electronic components and circuits.


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Jean Roberts
Jean Roberts

My father was a Ham Radio operator, I would love to make something like this out of what he left behind in memory of him for Fathers day :-) thanks for sharing

John McGowan
John McGowan

Of course, there’s a reason it’s hazardous waste. But, Recyclart doesn’t care.


Yes John, the electronic circuits are dangerous and not very healthy, but there are varnish that exist, which are nontoxic to health and are used to protect the body when the device is in contact with the skin. We highlight the work of artists and designers we love, we assume that they have studied the health risks before making these jewels and we can not be responsible for any other uses that may be made by the fact we highlight these products on our page. Thank you for your understanding and for pointed this problem with the reusing of certain… Read more »

John McGowan
John McGowan

So, what about the toxins that are found in used pallets? You’ve got people making furniture for children and dining tables people are eating off of. I’ve never seen a disclaimer or warning on any of your posts for any dangers. And half the stuff isn’t even recycled. The only reason I happened to see this was because even though I “unliked” your page (for these very reasons), Facebook continues to send your crap to my newsfeed.


I feel you bitter, it is your right, we do not encourage people to achieve things with toxic chemicals, we are only a showcasing page, you should consider to contact all the creators and designers to stop doing what they are doing. And thank you to be polite by not considering that what people create are crap.

John McGowan
John McGowan

Blaming the creators doesn’t let you off the hook. YOU ARE, in your own words, showcasing it. And, by showcasing it, you are encouraging others to create the same things with the same materials. You said yourself that you ASSUME the “artists” have studied the risks involved, so, why don’y you have any warning along with the potential hazards? You have no idea what is dangerous or not. That is foolhardy. And yes, a lot of the stuff you showcase IS crap that, if it were not recycled to begin with, would end up in the landfill anyway.

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