Top 10 Container Houses Seen On Houzz

By Neokentin

Each is different from the other and just by having a look at them, you will feel like dwelling in them. Here is a list of the topmost container houses […]

Easy Fall Paper Mache Pumpkin Container Or Vase

By boreidesign

How to easily make a pretty paper mache pumpkin container for fall or Halloween using an old plastic pumpkin bucket as a mold.

5 Min Organizer With Cottage Cheese Containers

By Waldemar Sha

Just a little idea on how to quickly and easy make an organizer for a workplace using plastic containers. The cool thing about its arch form is that you can […]

Little Lightning Town From Ice Cream Containers

By Georgina Verbena

A colorful lightning town to my daughter made with upcycled ice cream containers. Will the fairies come ? … By Georgina Verbena

Lot-ek Container Installation

By Neodim

LOT-EK was commissioned to design a special architectural installation for the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Whitney Studio installation will be located in the Sculpture Court of the museum’s […]

Upcycled Plastic Jerry Cans Drawer Storage System

By Neodim

Thomas made this storage system from 40 plastic jerry cans he found in a container. This kind of jerry cans is normally just thrown out from cleaning companies and big […]

Recycled Popcorn Containers into Table Lamp

By Neokentin

This table lamp has be made by re-using 2 popcorn containers (plastic ones). A cool lamp for your movie nights. There is a 15 watt bulb in the bottom part and a 9 […]

Recycled Bags Planter / Taller De Bolsas Recicladas

By Neokentin

Recycle bags is something that we all know, doing it this way may be the novelty. A heat treatment that will give new possibilities to your plastic bags, with which […]

Old Shipping Containers Into Modern House In Savannah

By Neodim

As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of obsolete shipping containers. Artist Julio Garcia re-purposed two of these containers to create his residence and studio in the Savannah woods.

Fire Extinguisher Upcycled Into Liquor Container

By Neokentin

Unique container for liquor, made from an old repurposed fire extinguisher.

Recycled Heart from Plastic

By Neodim

This is a really creative recycled heart, but certainly not the most romantic for your valentine !

Welcome Hut from Container

By Neodim

Evergreen Brick Works commissioned a temporary Welcome Hut for the 12-acre community environmental centre. Designed by Levitt Goodman Architects, this 96 sqf hut is provides an immediate node for visitors […]

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