Vintage Steam Punk Industrial Re-purposed World Globe Swivel Desk / Floor Lamp

By Neodim

I made this amazing One Of A Kind table or floor lamp. I call it my “What’s this world coming to?“, it’s an Industrial Steam Punk re-purposed world globe into […]

The Subtle Art of Choking

By Neokentin

A choker made from discarded cigarette butts!

Deschênes Art

By Neokentin

Jimmy Deschênes is a multidisciplinary artist and cabinetmaker from Montreal, Canada. He works primarily from recycled materials. He has designed interiors, art and decorative items for over 20 years. Through […]

Saddle Chair

By Neokentin

Saddle chair made ​​of old bicycle saddle which is not used, the stand is made of the remaining pieces of metal construction, foot with roller ball can be purchased on […]

Alternative Crystal Lamp From Recycled Plastic Bottles

By Neokentin

This light is born from a pile of old plastic bottles, which were scattered all around us, plastic bottles will be difficult to decompose in the soil, need hundreds of […]

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