Recycled DIY Decor: Faux Raw Cotton Branches

By boreidesign

How to make fake “raw cotton” branches for home decor vase filler using items laying around the yard and home.

Night Gown Made From Cotton Baby Blanket

By Neokentin

Making a clearance at my baby wardrobe, I found this cute cotton baby blanket. So in order to give it away, I found a way to transform it to a […]

Recycled Cotton And Recycled Sarees Make Wonderful Bags

By JeanMarc

Old Vintage Indian sarees get a chance of another life, as a gorgeous, colorful bag ! Our Person collects the most beautiful sarees from all over Delhi. They do that […]

Upcycled Cotton Monsters

By Neokentin

Artist Jennifer Strunge gives new life to secondhand fabrics by recycling them into extraordinary creations called “Cotton Monsters”. Most of Jennifer creations are constructed using clean thrifted clothing as well […]

Shirts + Shorts = Salvaged Skirt

By jpario

The shorts were too short. The shirts had rips, or stained collars and cuffs … They were headed for the discard pile at a local thrift store. So I combined […]

Bed Linen Dress

By Neokentin

This dress has been made with old bed linen gathered from an op shop and sewn using a retro pattern found also in an op shop. The creator aims to […]

Weaving with Plastic

By Neokentin

When people first started weaving, they used fibers found in their surroundings. This presented me with the question: What do I do with things I see and handle every day […]

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