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Sturdy Shopping Trolley Using Upcycled Plastic Container

By Yolaki

Reuse a plastic cube inside a reusable shopping bag. Put some plastic brackets to ensure the bag to the chart. The chart was painted in grey color as the bag pattern. It works!

Environmental Folk Art

By Neokentin

The next time you notice a shattered, cracked or fragmented piece of wood or metal laying in the street, imagine seeing it creatively reused in a piece of art work. […]

Paperclip Fruit Bowl

By Neokentin

Come and discover the Original Paperclip fruit bowl design collection. The paperclip fruit bowl is an elegant design solution that is sculptural, original, practical and functional. This simple, yet complex […]

Homemade Chinese Wedding Car Decoration

By Neodim

Wedding Car Decoration, never though to had this wonderful opportunity to decorate not just one but two wedding car for this lovely chinese couple for their wedding. They wanted to […]

Recycled Flatware Part 2: Fishes

By Neokentin

In the continuity of the recycling of flatware, here is a new animal. With a spoon, it’s absolutely possible to obtain an original necklace in the shape of whale. More […]

Guitar and Bass Chair

By debigotenrotllat

Pablo and Xan from debigotenrotllat.com made this chair from a bass and a guitar that were found in the trash.

Metal Taxidermy for Vegetarian Hunter

By gille monte ruici

With a stainless support which served for driving a wagon; completed by kitchenware among which a height of cafetiere, a mould and two supports of wall lamps lamps to be […]

Strapping Metal, Colored Rattan and Orchid

By Neokentin

When old strapping metal is associate with colored rattan and becomes a jewel box for orchid by Fleurs de Céléno.

Peruvian Sandals Made from Tyre

By Neokentin

The Yanque Company is selling durable and versatile sandals made from reused (up-cycled) tyres. But these sandals are much more than just excellent footwear. By sharing the Yanque sandals with […]

Reusable Bags by Mabricole

By Neokentin

Find accessories for children and adults created by MaBricole. This creative use reusable bags distributed by stores as raw material! Resistant, original and colorful … you will not look anymore to […]

Keyboard Letter Sculptures

By Neokentin

Mixed media artist Andy Avalar uses keyboard letters to transform them into sculptures of people doing everyday tasks like dog walking, marriage, and entertaining.

Amazing Robots Made by Daphné Burge

By Neokentin

Created from vintage metal tins !

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