by Deane Bowers

Environmental Folk Art

The next time you notice a shattered, cracked or fragmented piece of wood or metal laying in the street, imagine seeing it creatively reused in a piece of art work. I am an environmental folk artist that prides myself on producing imaginative, unique and eclectic art with 100% up cycled and salvaged materials. Every item that goes into my sculptures has been rescued from the streets, parking lots, dumpsters and recycling bins. There is zero waste in the composition and design of my art and it is ever changing based on the materials I collect. You can find me walking the streets and beaches of my city with a little red bucket gathering supplies for my next project. The distinguishing feature of my art is in how I repurpose and colorfully reuse every nail, bottle cap and piece of wire, metal, wood and hardware scrap.



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Karen Ellis

Who is this artist please do you have a link that i can share on Imagine Melton Zero Waste thx:)

Deane Bowers
Deane Bowers
Reply to  Karen Ellis

Hi Karen! I am the artist and I would love for you to check out more of my work. It is made from almost 100% claimed and salvaged items I collect from the streets, beaches, dumpsters and parking lots of my city. Please see more on Instagram and Twitter @DeaneVBowers and Facebook, Pinterest and Google + at Deane Valentine Bowers Art. You can always contact me directly too @ De*********************@gm***.com. My pieces are all one of a kind, but I love to create custom orders! Thank you!

Tracy Algar
Tracy Algar

These are so lovely. I would also like to know who the artist is.

Deane Bowers
Deane Bowers
Reply to  Tracy Algar

Hi Tracy! I am Deane Bowers the artist! You can contact me directly at De*********************@gm***.com. I am also on Twitter and Instagram @DeaneVBowers and Facebook, Pinterest and Google + at Deane Valentine Bowers Art. I would love to hear from you! Deane ?

Deane Bowers
Deane Bowers

Hi Julie! Thank you for posting my Facebook page! You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram @DeaneVBowers as well as Pinterest and Google + at DeaneValentineBowersArt. I would love to hear from you! Thanks again! Deane ?

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