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Diy: Unused Yarn Chandelier

By Neokentin

If you’re a knitter or crocheter, you certainly have a lot of unused skeins, yardage, fibers, yarns…Now it’s time to use them and show to everybody that you are a […]

Crocheted Tortoise Cozy

By Neokentin

If you have the tortaddiction symptom, you will fall in love of those Katie Bradley creations. As Katie is addicted to caring for and rehabilitating tortoises and she loves them […]

Little Cork Animals

By Neokentin

Champagne corks disguise themselves as bears, deer, rabbit and mouse. Cute ideas by Anisbee!

Crochet Snowflakes with T-shirt Yarn

By Craft and Fun

Tutorial – Christmas decorations (for Christmas 2014 now!), crochet snowflakes made with T-shirt yarn.

Loup Jeannette

By Loisirette

Loup fait au crochet avec un recyclage de jeannette en bois de nos grand-mère.

Upcycled Clothing, Art and Hair Accessories

By Neokentin

I love working with reclaimed materials – especially fashion. Here are some examples of blouses, hair accessories, and found object art I’ve created recently. There is nothing more satisfying than […]

Recycled Video Tape Bowls

By Neokentin

I’ve started making make bowls from old VHS tapes and looking for feed back from your recycling fans. Some are crocheted and others are coiled and machine sewn to add […]

Trash in Fashion – Recycled Modern Jewelry

By Neokentin

This is a collection called “Trash in Fashion” where I am experimenting with plastic bottles to become modern and elegant jewelry. I am creating mainly wire crocheted items, this handmade […]

Recycling Old Towel into Beautiful Head Towel with Crocheted Border

By Neokentin

There are very few options for which you can recycle your old towel. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make your own head towel or spa […]

Pallet Love Heart

By Neokentin

Recycled wood pallet heart with crochet initials.

Reused Hood Into Bag

By Loisirette

Hood transformed into bag for little princess. The hole in the hood for the passage of the head is filled with a rosette crochet and sewn. Then, the handles are […]

Reclaimed Yarn Yoga Mat Bag

By Neokentin

Have an old sweater, blanket or yarn thing lying around? Put it to use and create a carry bag for your yoga mat! Here are the details of my bag: […]

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