Diy Recycled Plastic Bags: Simple Coiling Technique

By malena skote

Basket made of recycled plastic bags: simple coiling technique.

Crochet Purse Made from Pajama Pants & Kimono

By sekiworks

Funky colorful crochet purse made out of pajama pants, a kimono, and a mat cover!

Upcycle Old Shirts Into T-shirt Yarn Baskets

By sekiworks

Old T-shirts aren’t only good as garage rags, you know. Turn them into continuous pieces of yarn that you can then crochet into T-shirt Yarn Baskets! These little baskets and […]

The Best of Cross-stitched Street Art

By Neokentin

At the first instance, you might think that they are simple paintings on walls or fences. However, if you take a close look, you will soon be able to discover […]

Bag O’ Pee-wees Will Tell Them What You Think!

By LingXioayu

Sometimes you just need to gift a bag of dicks. Or Hit someone with a Bag of Dicks.

Blanket Made of Pot Holders

By malena skote

In the nearby flea market, I bought a bunch of crocheted pot holders (very cheap, no one seems to use them anymore). I put them together by crocheting them into […]

Diy: Decorate Your Home With These Adorable Crochet

By Craft and Fun

Valentine’s Day: show the one you love how much you care by crocheting old t-shirt ! You can decorate your home with these adorable holiday crochet.

How To Make A Crochet Flower With Recycled Buttons

By Craft and Fun

A detailed step-by-step photo tutorial explaining how to make a colorful flower with recycled buttons and crochet. Tutorial and Pattern.

Crocheted Ninja

By Neodim

How cute is this creation ? (Made by the crew Guerrilha do crochê – Brasil).

Paper Evening Dress

By Neokentin

Dress crochet from newspaper yarn. Crocheted from hand-spun yarn from the local newspaper and telephone books, this piece connects the old idea of traditional doilies into an upcycled piece of […]

Bags Made from Recycled Curtains

By Neokentin

What shell we do with old curtains? I cut it, I to bind together, I crochet it and made a new frazzle-bag / soul-bag / seelentasche. A new kind to […]

Crocheted Planters

By Neokentin

Not upcycled (but could be, with some leftover wool…) but these little planters made by Lisenn are so cute, we love them! :)

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