Basket Made from Recycled Denim

By Ohoh blog

An original way to recycle old denim pants into a nice storage basket. It’s quite simple to make even if it takes some time.

Denim Patchwork Rug

By Neokentin

I made this patchwork rug from 6 pairs of jeans. Playing with different shades and gradients from navy and indigo to faded blue and gray, I achieved an illusion of […]

Snackbag from an Old Pair of Jeans

By Neodim

There are plenty of tutorials for this kind of (snack) bags everywhere on the net, but the one of “Between the lines” really gives a twist to the exercise that is finally […]

Shirts + Shorts = Salvaged Skirt

By jpario

The shorts were too short. The shirts had rips, or stained collars and cuffs … They were headed for the discard pile at a local thrift store. So I combined […]

Recycled Jeans Don’t Touch Dress and Notebook Bag

By Neokentin

The dress is made of old jeans in combination with a old tank top. The Notebook bag is made of the old jeans pockets.

Puffy Side Pocket Clutch

By Neokentin

This clutch bag is made from denim trousers and vintage table cloth. Tutorial available at sneezerville website.

Denim and Floral Wristlet

By Neokentin

Tutorial about how to make this cute little wristlet. Mine was made using an old pair of denim trousers and a vintage table cloth.

Jeans Pants To Jeans Dress

By Neokentin

A jeans dress sewn of old jeans pants. It’s unique.

Jeans Waistband Bag

By Neokentin

This bag is sewn of jeans waistbands, and it’s unique.

Diy: Denim Whale

By Neodim

Just a great design for this denim whale. Tutorial here (Finnish but can be found in English on the website).

Old Jeans To Backpacks

By Neokentin

I love collage, used demin and backpacks… these 3 factors combine together to make artful, individually-designed jeans backpacks, my studio is located in Quezon City, Philippines and i produce a […]

Pilipino in a Bag

By Neokentin

Pilipino in a Bag showcases repurposed bags and other carrying items that are infused with Filipino artistry and talent. All items are unique because our bags are not mass manufactured […]

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