Charlie The Fly: Made From Discarded Materials

By Neokentin

I used a shower head, umbrella ribs, screws, bass guitar strings, a piece of fabric and tea strainer to make my fly. My husband helped me to put the materials […]

Upcycled Boiler Lamps by Willem Heeffer

By Neokentin

Willem Heeffer’s boiler lamp collection is the first element of his new project The City as a Mine. This research project explores potential uses for various residue from local factories […]

Teabag Papier Mache Bowls

By silvirub

Bowls made from used tea bags, printed with intaglio inks.

Sculptural Book Lamps by Bomdesignnl

By Neokentin

Artists-designer Michael Bom from Bomdesign – a Dutch design studio – uses discarded materials as inspiration and materials for his works. His latest project is called “Booklamps” and it’s a […]

Computer Parts Art On Canvas

By Neokentin

I create computer part art using discarded computers and electronics components. Combining a blank canvas and paint to create a unique and memorable art experience to save them from ending […]


By Neokentin

“As a self-taught assemblagist/sculptor, I create vibrant and provocative works of art from the products of mans throw-away culture. I search for commonplace discarded objects and discover unique resources containing […]

Discarded Plastic Bags Sculptures by Khalil Chishtee

By Neokentin

Artist Khalil Chishtee is a sculpter creating human form from discarded plastic bags. His works often express the feelings of sorrow, dejection and even victimhood. As they are created from […]

She Was Found Fiddling with Compositions

By Neokentin

Ursula Roma has been making found object constructions for over 18 years and has assembled a wide array of objects in her studio which are waiting to be included in […]

Rubbish Fish Art: Yodogawa Technique

By Neodim

Artists Hideaki Shibata and Kazuya Matsunaga came together in 2003 as Yodogawa Technique to create works from the rubbish and miscellaneous objects found along Osaka’s Yodogawa River. Working with discarded […]

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