by Ursula Roma

She Was Found Fiddling with Compositions

Ursula Roma has been making found object constructions for over 18 years and has assembled a wide array of objects in her studio which are waiting to be included in her newest artwork. She written articles about recycled art and has created many pieces over the years which can be seen on her found-objects blog as well as her fine art site. The re-use, recycling, re-purposing, re-constructing of objects has been part of Roma’s sculptures, her paintings and her daily life as well. These materials; broken parts, obsolete tools, wooden machine patterns, utilitarian objects, abandoned musical instruments, discarded shapes and various odd hand-made stuff eventually end up in Roma’s sculptures and constructions. Figures, masks, fish, birds and abstract compositions are her primary subjects.

Ursula Roma loves doing commissions and will use objects from someone’s life if they wish to do a memorial piece of art. Roma has shown in galleries in the midwest and California, and is currently looking for representation on both coasts as well as Europe.





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