Make An Upcycled Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher

By MalicesCraftland

My first Tree of Life Dreamcatcher. This decoration attracts positive energy as well as beautifies your room.  You can purchase it (in size and colors you prefer), or make one yourself! […]

Handcrafted Dreamcatcher Coin Pendant

By LoraLeeArtist

Using regular coins, I created a dreamcatcher pendant based on a company’s logo. These were all hand crafted.

Dreamcatcher from Stainless Teaspoon & Handles

By Soikkeli

Dreamcatcher from a man from the northern side of the globe.

Upcycled Mini Dreamcatchers

By Neokentin

These small tribal dreamcatchers are made using upcycled wood, leather and beads in a fun, bohemian style, perfect as a wall hanging, decor in your bedroom or to hang from […]

Sweet Dreams Only

By Neokentin

All the vintage lace you found in the attic. All the cute old mother-of-pearl and copper buttons from the yard sale. And the ribbons that were just to short to use but […]

Diy: Dreamcatcher Made with Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

It’s all started with my old bangle. After it lost its shine, I just found it irritating to see it staying in my accessory box. Then the idea sparked to […]

Recycled Dreamcatchers

By Neokentin

All of the materials used for these dream catchers are second hand and upcycled. I found a bunch of wooden embroidery hoops in my local op shop and used ribbon, […]

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