Make An Upcycled Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher

My first Tree of Life Dreamcatcher. This decoration attracts positive energy as well as beautifies your room.  You can purchase it (in size and colors you prefer), or make one yourself!

A twist on old-school macrame, you’ll love making this Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher.

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Bring positive energy to your room with this Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher.
Make a custom, positive-energy wall hanging with my DIY Video Tutorial.
Combining simple twists, braids and knots will yield you an attractive Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher.
Have fun making this dreamcatcher using simple twists, braids, and knots.
When you make a Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher, add beads, jewelry findings or other baubles while braiding.
Add beads, jewelry findings or other baubles as you braid this tree together.
Add a UV light and this Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher casts a haunting glow.
This dreamcatcher is even prettier under a black light!

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