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Castaway Dress

By Neokentin

Dress made from trash cast away on the beach. Trash generated fashion from trash artist Marina DeBris!

Recycled Jeans Don't Touch Dress and Notebook Bag

By Neokentin

The dress is made of old jeans in combination with a old tank top. The Notebook bag is made of the old jeans pockets.

Discarded Couture

By Neokentin

These are my newest dresses to inspire – create new from old… Photos by Jody Wiger Photography Photos by Gwen Ewert Dresses and Art by Jennifer Bell

Recycled Milk Bottles Wedding Dress

By Neokentin

This idea is pretty incredible; this is the first time I see a wedding dress made from recycled milk bottles! Question to the girls: Would you wear this dress for […]

Upcycled Phone Book Dress

By Neokentin

No idea of what to do with old phone books ? Designer Jolis Paons know what to do with it, she recycled them into “cocktail” dress ! The only bad […]

Recycled Tire & Inner Tube Wearable Dress

By Neokentin

I use discarded inner tubes that I find in our parks by the river. I also use used bike parts. The only thing new on all items is the thread […]

Jeans Pants To Jeans Dress

By Neokentin

A jeans dress sewn of old jeans pants. It’s unique.

Bed Linen Dress

By Neokentin

This dress has been made with old bed linen gathered from an op shop and sewn using a retro pattern found also in an op shop. The creator aims to […]

Blooming Dress

By Neokentin

This is a personal project, this piece is made of about 250 handmade recycled fabric flowers sewn on a sleeveless T-shirt. Each type of flower has a particular detergent or […]

Upcycled Dresses

By Neokentin

I have a passion for taking dresses that are heading to the landfill and reinventing them.  I started a facebook page called discardedcouture and got such a great response, I […]

Starbucks Coffee Dress

By Neodim

Could be wearable… for one night ! ++ Wearable art ?

Newspaper Dress

By Neodim

not really wearable, but love the design !  

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