by Stephanie Powell

Drinky Dress

Dress made by me from shade cloth and ring pulls from soda cans. Necklace made from ring pulls and beer bottle caps.


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Adri Varela

Paola Torres dice tu hermano que para el próximo vestido

Paola Torres

Jajaja muy cierto! Adri Varela

Stephanie Powell

Thanks for posting

Stephanie Jo

Mellisa, I think I know why we were talking about saving these now hahahaha

Lucy Tufrey

Stacey Clarke your kinda dress booze hound

Bruce Mcgregor

Not for Stacey its Simons

Isabel Jornet


Ernesto Ariel

te volves loco juntando chapitas….. :o


Maybe from one of my wee flowers I`ll make a stunning dress like this! Looks amazing and a LOT of work and ring pulls!

Kathie Shearer

oh, to be size 8-10 to be able to wear this with some sort of dignity.

Airam Cabhur
Airam Cabhur

Wow ! Bellísimo !!

Akua Oladunjoye


Arielle Jolicoeur

cest trop beau!! et cool

Nathalie Lord

Pour Kassandra Langlais!! Je t’en préparerai une, on va rire!

Kassandra Langlais

Ohh ouii ! (Pas peur du ridicule)

Doris Menghin

Mama mia was sec
Hen meine augen!!!!!!!!

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