Eggshell Sugar Skull Art “Catrinamask”

By Neokentin

With inspiration from my trip to Oaxaca in Mexico, I start to create sculls. This one is made of cardboard and eggshells.

Decorative Balls Out Of Newspapers & Eggshells

By Helena Andreasson

Easy, fun, cheap & eco-friendly with eggshells and newspaper!

Vase Made Out Of Cardboard & Eggshells

By Rusticologico!

Hello there! Would you like to have your own cheap gorgeous African vase? Here you have the steps! Draw the shapes shown in picture number 1 on any thick cardboard […]

Real Eggshells Candles

By Neodim

Easter is coming and what about making some nice Easter table decoration with those candles made from real eggshells. The eggshells are filled by vegetable wax with a pastel color […]

Necklace From Repurposed Materials

By Neokentin

These necklaces are made of eggshells, magazines and cardboard from cornflakes packages.I love doing nice things of garbage. Full tutorial at my blog.

Cardboard & Eggshells Frames

By Helena Andreasson

These frames are made off recycled cardboard and eggshells. Very fun to make and almost for free!

Recycled Easter Candles!

By Neokentin

Sustainable candles made from egg shells, old candle wax and egg boxes. Must have for Easter! You can find them at iLikeWaste !

Eggshell Box

By Neokentin

Wooden box with eggshell.

Eggshell Light

By Neokentin

This lamp, whose appearance is covered by a lot of balls but the point is that these balls are in fact real eggshells ! This lamp was made by designer […]

Eggshell Sculpture: What Came First ?

By Neodim

“What came first ?“, the new personal project of Kyle Bean. ++ Kylebean

Eggshells as Wooden Box Decor

By Al Ha veDa

Eggshells are good for something besides compost. And some people just can’t stop making things. Take a look at this idea for using eggshells to create a distressed/raku effect on […]

Mona Lisa Egg Carton

By Neodim

This interesting pixel-like piece is made of cut-out egg cartons and paint. It was first sketched with a pencil and then (“slowly”…) painted. “Took a long time to fully visualize […]

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