by Helena Andreasson

Eggshell Sugar Skull Art “Catrinamask”

I have made masks before but never an Eggshell Sugar Skull Art Mask! This project was so much fun to build!  I was inspired when I went to Mexico during Dia de la Muerte.  I have made many eggshell creations, but I wanted to make a skull. I chose to do a shell mosaic.

Have a skull party with an Eggshell Sugar Skull Art Mask!

I started to cut out a big skull in cardboard and set it on a flat surface. Next, I painted the cardboard a matte black color. I used craft glue and added cleaned, dried eggshells. I painted the piece after the glue dried completely. Finally, I finished it with varnish.

The finished Eggshell Sugar Skull.
The finished Cardboard & eggshell skull.
I built up shapes and then painted the cardboard base before I covered it with crushed eggshells in the next step of the Eggshell Sugar Skull.
I painted the cardboard after building up the shapes I wanted. Then, I glued eggshells on the base with craft glue.
Painting the Eggshell Sugar Skull.
After the glue dried, I began painting!
Eggshell Sugar Skull
A finished piece!


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