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Make Art, Not Waste: Recycled Characters Out Of Electronic Waste

By fadyucf

The concept here is to keep electronic waste out of the environment by making these up-cycled characters using static and rigid shapes of digital components to give a second life to objects that can be transformed into living characters to tell a story even in one shot.

Prehistoric Bird On A Branch Made From Recycled Electronic Components

By Animaux

This unusual bird on a branch is entirely made of old electronic devices. The branch (wall mount) is made from a telephone, a computer speaker and a mount for a […]

Penguin Made From Old Electronic Devices

By Animaux

This penguin is one of my first works. A quick composed, roughly glued penguin made from old electronic devices. For this project, I mainly used Philips shaving kits. I made […]

Duck Made From Discarded Plastic Parts

By Animaux

Duck is my latest Animaux. It’s made from the plastic parts of old discarded electronic devices like a computer mouse, shaving kit, router antenna’s and a hand vacuumcleaner. Duck came […]

Bear Made From Discarded Plastic Parts

By Animaux

Bear is one of the first Animaux I made. It’s made from the plastic parts of old discarded electronic devices like shaving kits, hair dryers, kids toys, headphones etc… I’ve […]

Jewelry And Accessories Made From Recycled Electronic Parts

By Neokentin

This products are made with various recycled electronic pieces like cellphone or PCB (printed circuit board). The list is infinite. I reuse everything from electronics components that express my fantasy.

Deboted - Handmade Robots & Android Figures Made with Recycled Elements and Daily Use Objects.

By Neodim

deBOTed means devotion for Robots. deBOTed creates hand-made figures of robots made with recycled parts and materials, or daily use material, using manual assembly techniques that give each piece firmly […]

Recycled Computer Motherboard into Clock

By Neokentin

This clock is made from a recycled computer motherboard electronic card, wood frame, chain and rusty metals.

Technological Mandalas Made from Soldered Electronic Components

By Neokentin

Leonardo Ulian is an Italian designer who specializes in making sculptures made from electronic and radio components soldered in large networks called mandalas (Sanskrit word meaning circle, community, environment). With the […]

Repair Kid Project

By Neokentin

Repair Kid is the project of Cis Deyl. She visits festivals, markets and schools with her (outstanding and cheerful looking, very old camper named ‘Tante’ – that’s Dutch for ‘Aunty’) […]

Umbrella Upcycled to Blinky Bike Bag

By Agy

I took a broken umbrella’s fabric and upcycled it into a water proof bike bag complete with safety features using electronics.

Keyboard Earrings

By Neokentin

Your computer keyboard isn’t working anymore? Don’t throw it away! Why not turning the caps into funny earrings??? Here’s the result…You’ll have a lot of fun matching words together :)

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