Duck Made From Discarded Plastic Parts

Duck is my latest Animaux. It’s made from the plastic parts of old discarded electronic devices like a computer mouse, shaving kit, router antenna’s and a hand vacuumcleaner. Duck came to life when I took apart one of the shaving kits I had and found the perfect beak for a bird. The roundness and length of the parts became the guide for the scale.

I’ve been working at De Ontdekfabriek (discover factory) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands where I gave workshops in upcycling old electronic devices. During that time, the shapes I stumbled upon became more and more parts of new things. My collection currently contains nine animals.

Duck is in composition the style I want to accomplish, minimalist, with a bit of colour and quirky :) Every animal takes a long time to compose, because I cannot choose the parts and want to work as anatomical perfect as possible.

Hope you like it, and please check out my other animals!






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