Fan-tastic Upcycling Idea: Repaired Fan Gains New Stylish Life

By Yolaki

An antique fan updated with adhesive cloth…

Old Fan Wall Clock

By Neokentin

Love it! An old fan upcycled into a stylish wall clock!

Used Skateboard Deck Ceiling Fan Blades

By Neodim

  Really original way to reuse old decks ! Made on demand by Decorestored

Runaway Robot from Recycled Parts

By Neokentin

Made from parts and wires from a son’s broken fan, some beading wire, a hot glue gun, a glue stick and two googly eyes.

Submarine-men Made with Vintage Table Fans

By Neokentin

These Submarine-men has been made from the part containing the motor of two table fans (non functionals). These disparate characters are inspired by the universe of Tim BURTON, the fiction […]

Clock Table

By Neokentin

A candle holder, a fan cover and a clock and you have a clock table !

Iron Fan

By Neokentin

The combination of an iron and a fan … production of cold where you don’t imagine it ! ++ More at the creative world of Elodie Flamant !

Domestic Air Conditioner

By Neodim

This project attempts to de-mystify the air conditioner, to reveal the workings within and incorporate them naturally into our domestic landscape. Everyday objects are carefully chosen to perform the functional […]

Fan Blades Collage

By Neokentin

Old plastic fan blades used as a picture collage display. ++ Isabelc at caribe dot net

Lights From Household Items

By Al Ha veDa

Roni Doron is an architect/designer who makes light of junk. He uses various household items to make light fixtures, as well as using materials that he finds in nature.

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