Exos: Recycled Sculpture

By ennovy

This sculpture was made with needles for felting, but I use this tool with several fibers recovered sweater, scarf … which are not normally used for this work. The base […]

Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages

By FancyTat

Beautiful Bottle Brooches – Creatively handmade using plastic bottles, beads, buttons, baubles and felt.

Cork Recycled Art Piano Hat

By BeautyofHats

My friend owns a champagne business. One day she came to me with a bag full of recycled: champagne corks, wire and the cork’s aluminium cover. She asked if I […]

Three Types of Fabric Ornaments

By kel305

I’d like to propose a new, original, accessible and more importantly – easy to make solution for room decorations, using felt or faux leather.

Tubo Chair

By Neokentin

Nice looking and comfortable chair made whith reused cardboard from paper roll of big size printer. Other materials is felt and steel. 100% handmade.


By Neokentin

Different shawls made of transparent textile and felt.


By Neokentin

Washcloths from an old towel, felt, leather scraps and a lot of sewing hours…

Pod by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm

By Neokentin

The ‘Pod’ is a large privacy chair for breakout areas in offices or residential projects. Pod is an environmental alternative to large upholstered furniture. Most upholstered is difficult to recycle […]

New Light From Waste

By Neokentin

Flexible ribbon of light created by scraps of felt (from white felt bumper pads), old mobile-phone’s battery charger and a circuit of 50 LED low-power. This lamp allows shapes customization […]

Felted Sweater Socks

By Neokentin

Make boot-liner socks from sweater sleeves in under 15 mins ! ++ DIY instructions at Alaska Crafter !

Recycled Felt Christmas Tree

By Neodim

Another idea with DIY instructions for 2010 Christmas makes your Christmas tree with recycled felt!

Felt Armchair

By Neodim

Kathryn Walter designed this conceptual armchair, that was commissioned by Rachel Gotlieb as part of her “New Landscapes” at the Design Exchange in Toronto ON. The exhibit commissioned four artists/architects/designers […]

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