Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages

We handmade these Upcycled Bottle Brooches or corsages using plastic bottles, beads, buttons, baubles and felt.

Upcycled Bottle Brooches – a unique way to dress up those outfits!

All of the designing, cutting, melting, staining, gluing and sewing is done by hand to create these unique, wearable works of art.

Each brooch has a pin back and is presented in a lovely little Fancy Tat box, so they’re great for gift-giving. The average diameter is 60mm. Treat yourself! Treat someone you love! Or both!

Upcycled Bottle Brooches1

Upcycled Bottle Brooches2

Upcycled Bottle Brooches3

Upcycled Bottle Brooches4

Upcycled Bottle Brooches5

Upcycled Bottle Brooches6

Upcycled Bottle Brooches7

Upcycled Bottle Brooches7

Upcycled Bottle Brooches8

Upcycled Bottle Brooches9

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Linda Winchell

I’ve taken CD’S And Or DVD’S and made bowls this shape as well as broaches

Reply to  Linda Winchell

Cool – we’d love to see them! :D

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