Amazing Portraits Telling the Story of Consumption & Waste

By Neokentin

As inhabitants of the planet, what we consume as well as discard or throw away together form a vivid narrative of human health as well as the health of this […]

Upcycle A Cereal Liner

By Neodim

Try to reuse as much plastic as possible. I like to store my rice inside of a well washed cereal plastic bag (liner) because is quite sturdy and thick. And […]

Broccoli Christmas Tree

By Neodim

The cutest & smallest Christmas tree you could do! :)

Smeerkaars: Recycled Candle in a Cheese Spread Package

By Neokentin

‘Van smeerkaas tot smeerkaaRs’ – This Dutch cheese spread package was saved from the bin. It is turned into a candle made with leftovers from old candles. Including red pieces […]

Real Cook Book

By Neodim

Here’s a great idea design by Korefe and brought to my attention by Michael. The first and only Cookbook you can actually read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% […]

Beararium – Honey Bear Terrarium

By Neokentin

Here is my Beararium. It is a terrarium I made from a honey bear! We seem to have a lot of honey bears at our house, so I was trying […]

Suteki Box Bento Style Sushi Tray

By Stil Novo Design

Our gorgeous Suteki is a ‘bento’ style box that presents a complete sushi set of glazed ceramic plates for a stunning and exceptional presentation; it creates an exclusive ‘asian style’ […]

Recycle Baby Food Bottles for Picnic

By Neokentin

Tres Leches Baked in Recycle Baby Food Bottles for Picnic !

Green Cardboard Serving Set

By Neokentin

A cardboard cup holder and blueberry containers make a casual and green serving set. ++ More info. at Family chic !

We Waste !

By Neokentin

Placemats bought in charity shops and hand printed on the back with facts about food waste. They’re part of a project encouraging people to share multibuy offers in supermarkets.

Mac Oven

By Neodim

Computers reach high temperature while working… Why do not use it to heat the meal you bring from home ? Is it really a good idea ? ++ 01 Mathery

Edible Tableware

By Neodim

2 french bloggers made a contest on the theme: “create an edible dish“, with the constraint “everybody can do it again“. Here are the results!

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