Broccoli Christmas Tree

Broccoli Christmas Tree 1 • Wood & Organic

The cutest & smallest Christmas tree you could do! :)

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Ellen Helena Richter
Ellen Helena Richter

so crazy! ! *lol*

Claudine Tierney

Terri CrayCray this is for u

Terri TC Cray

Oh mum god i love it

Terri Cray

Oh mum god i love it

Carole Carrick


Liza Watmore

bravo !!

Jeannette Marie


Gill Hamper

No, that’s just wrong.

Carol Jeandel

I love this look so cute ! Also i make one organic Christmas tree too ! It cute also l’m ready for deco with my plastic bags :) take a look and visite my page Please . If no problem Please give me like FriendlygreenfrogThanks !

Diana Aranda

Awesome idea

Sanna Kuittinen

I <3 broccoli.

Natalie Pakiry

funny :)


This is a great way to give a festive present to small pets like birds or rabbits! We have a post about this idea using cranberries for ornaments, cauliflower for snow, and a bell pepper for a garland & star; see it here:
Love the idea of using cherry tomatoes for ornaments too (for humans, or as long as their safe for an intended pet of course)!

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