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Having a Toy Clear Out? Cast Concrete in Play-doh!

By Neokentin

Are you clearing out your toy cupboards? If your little ones are no longer playing with the old Play-Doh, then use it for trying out casting ideas before you buy […]

Ice Age Ii – Don’t Make Me Eat You!

By Titania

Diego to Sid: Don’t make me eat you! (…) You’re a little low on the food chain to be mouthing off, aren’t you? This collage of Ice Age heroes Sid, […]

Fun Age – Scrat (Eis Im Hoernchen) From Ice Age

By Titania

This work shows Scrat from the movie “Ice Age“, made from watercolor and ice cream packages only. It’s a part of a series showing movie characters made from waste, as […]

Charly Sputnik

By Neokentin

I’m making a new web-series about recycling for kids: Charly Sputnik. A Mix of Mr. Bean and MacGyver. It’s for kids from 6 till 12 and below is the first […]

My Narnia

By Neokentin

THE RARE SHOVEL FLOWER – Disgarded shovel heads are the perfect beginning to nurture the rare shovel flower. They come in a huge variety of colours and bloom all year […]

Re Cycling Again

By Neokentin

Recycling a material comes first from nature like chain of cycles. As a trendy point of view that everybody might taken re cycling in a way that can be consumable […]

Ball Made of Old T-shirt

By Neokentin

This ball has been sewn from an old T-shirt.

Plastic Bottles Upcycled Into Storage Containers

By Neokentin

And the fun just keeps on comin’… When I came up with the idea of using plastic cold drink bottles for tea, coffee and sugar canisters, so many other ideas […]

Fun and Sleeping Place for Your Pet

By Neokentin

Sex Tape ?

By Neodim


Wite-out Brought to Life

By Neokentin

Wit-out packaging brought to life ! :)

The Washing Machine Pedal Boat

By Neokentin

This is a pedal boat which has been transformed into a washing machine. It has been given to an orphanage in the haiti island which does not have access to […]

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