by Janice Anderssen

Plastic Bottles Upcycled Into Storage Containers

And the fun just keeps on comin’… When I came up with the idea of using plastic cold drink bottles for tea, coffee and sugar canisters, so many other ideas popped into my head that I just had to give them all a try. This one repurposes plastic bottles into piggy or cow saving banks.

There are two different designs shown. On the left is the cow bottle and for this one the lid fits over the top of the bottom section and can easily be removed. The piggy bank on the right has a lid that also sits on top of the bottom section, but it is a much tighter fit and is not as easy to remove.

Both designs were painted with Rust-Oleum 2X satin spray paint and then the details added with acrylic craft paint. There is no limit to the designs you can put onto your bottles… go crazy with your imagination or let the kids decorate their own.



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very nice

Anne Marie Fenech

Gabriella… wiehed ghalik u iehor ghal ohtok :-)

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