Fan-tastic Upcycling Idea: Repaired Fan Gains New Stylish Life

By Yolaki

An antique fan updated with adhesive cloth…

Don Quijote De La Mancha Upcycled Scrap Sculpture

By Martin JNikopensius

I started this Don Quijote Upcycled Scrap Sculpture more than three years ago, but somehow it stayed unfinished until yesterday. :) Most important: that was my first experience with a […]

Christmas Tree Made of Upcycled Amazon Packaging

By Gertsch

My girlfriend made that Christmas tree out of some cardboard packaging we collected over the last months. The design originally comes from me, and she adapted it :D It took […]

Tetris Globe Lamp

By Neokentin

An upcycled puzzle light like no other! Starting with an 8″ acrylic globe, I added over 100 plastic pieces from discarded copies of the board game “Tetris Link“. Red, yellow […]

Diy: Terrific Spider With Hot Glue

By yonolotiraria

With hot glue, we can do a low-cost decoration for Halloween, a terrific spider!

Recycled Pencils Into Colored Earrings

By Neokentin

One day I found a pile of old pencils in my drawer, I think I have them from elementary school. This is my way of saving some sweet memories. All […]

Diy: Paper Bags Floor

By Neokentin

These are the steps to do a floor out of paper bags: Tear brown paper bags or painter roll and make sure edges are torn – not cut. Crumple for […]

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