36 Recycled Oil Drum Lights For Helsinki Restaurant

By Neokentin

36 recycled can lights in total for the new Midhill restaurant in Linnanmäki, Helsinki Finland. Designer Willem Heeffer salvaged these drums from the local oil recycling center, cleaned them and […]

Krejci Bags : You See It Black, but It’s Green !

By Neokentin

As you can see, our products are made out of recycled bicycle inner tubes! Let it surprise you: repair patches and various signs unveil here and there fragments of history […]

Nature-inspired Wall Sculpture from Paper Towel Rolls

By Neokentin

Ferns, palm fronds, and the green hues of summertime all inspired this wall sculpture, created from paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

Diy: Paper Bags Floor

By Neokentin

These are the steps to do a floor out of paper bags: Tear brown paper bags or painter roll and make sure edges are torn – not cut. Crumple for […]

Fabric Scrap Pet Rug

By Neokentin

I was throwing out old shirts & realized I needed a new rug for my dog, Coco. I decided to make a rug to match the new colors in my […]

Recovered Bike Tire Belt

By Neokentin

With a little manipulation and a bit of creative mojo, I turned this recovered tire into an ecologically responsible and “eco-sweet” belt. My inspiration came from seeing a tire submerged […]

Cooking Food Wonderbags

By Neokentin

Wonderbag founder Sarah Collins from South Africa has already saved enough CO2 emissions to travel the globe 9,452 times with an unbelievably simple innovation – an insulated bag that cooks […]

Recycled Crochet Hook Holders

By Neokentin

Promoting a green life to preserve the environment is one of my passions – FiberART is another. Even when upcycling something as small as an empty pen or permanent marker. […]

Ras. // Lids Project

By Neokentin

Creative Explorer Rodger Schultz had his willing friends mail him lids for an entire year. Only two pieces are compled, but he recieved enough for 4-5 art pieces that fit […]

Green Beetle

By Neokentin

Nothing to say…love it ! :) ++ Photo by Morten Flyverbom !

Manga Farming

By Neokentin

A very original idea of Koshi Kawachi by diverting Manga comic strip into culture medium, nice and fresh ! ++ You can see more pictures at Koshi Kawachi Manga Farming […]

Recycled Oak Wine Barrel Sculpture

By Stil Novo Design

These unique pieces of home decor are entirely made with reclaimed oak from discarded French wine barrels. Every creation is a one-of-a-kind. Find out more in the ‘Nouvelle Decor‘ section at […]

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