Upcycled Planters From Unusual Objects

By Rodrigo Tello

I give a green point in a very unusual way to your spaces and keep plants alive is my work and I really enjoy it!

Recycle: The Sexy Thing To Do

By Stefanie Cornell

One quick trick to increase your attractiveness, likability, and influence.

Little Red Chicken Coop

By 100rings

These pieces are made completely from rescued, recycled and repurposed materials. Nothing is wasted here and each piece is green and sustainable. Searching the streets and parking lots of my […]

Reclaim Design Products

By Neodim

Handcrafted pots, planters and other beautiful things made from Reclaimed, Recycled, and Upcycled Materials. Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Diy: From Stone To Stool

By Neodim

The Symbio Stool – 100% Biodegradable Designer: Felix Ruder From idea to furniture “What happens to the world without us?” is a title of a book written by Alan Weisman. […]

Trash to Treasure

By Ba No Batwo

We are a bunch of creatures that absolutely adore and Respect both our biological as well as our ecological mother. We are inspired by our mother’s craft and vision for […]

Diy: Terracotta Vase Restyling

By Neokentin

Today’s issue is pretty near to my heart. If you follow us on Instagram you probably know I have a little family of growing cacties: exactly, they’re growing and I’m […]

Tetris Globe Lamp

By Neokentin

An upcycled puzzle light like no other! Starting with an 8″ acrylic globe, I added over 100 plastic pieces from discarded copies of the board game “Tetris Link“. Red, yellow […]

Junk Mail Art

By Neokentin

How to make an earth friendly work of art using junk mail and painted leaves framed in a thrift store frame.

Recycled Glass Bottle Jewelry by Revetro

By Neokentin

The inspiration behind these Bombay Sapphire gin (and Coke) bottle charms materialized over the past year as we tried to find ways to repurpose an entire bottle without leaving any […]

Go Green – Upcycled Beer Bottle Abstract Art

By Neokentin

BottleART is my tiny way of helping our Mother Earth live a little longer. I collect beer/wine bottles that we use at home and save them so I can transform […]

Upcycled Moss

By Neokentin

Frame inspired by nature.

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