Industrial Wood & Metal Tv Stand / Meuble Tv Bois Et Métal Néo Industriel

By Neokentin

Custom made from a metal locker room door, this industrial TV stand is a unique creation from Hewel mobilier. It has a hinged door lockable using a latch. The interior is completely […]

Party Table From Pallet At Christmas Market In Bratislava

By Retromoderna

This table for quick snack made from the pallet I have found at the Christmas market in Bratislava (Slovakia). It could be nice inspiration for thouse who like to organise garden party or grill party and need the place for food, bottles, candles, decorations etc… wihout buying new garden furniture. Great idea for industrial interiors!

Industrial Metal Lamp Upcycled From Salvaged Moto

By Antoni

Lucmo lamps are made from parts found at scrap, parts connected to each other create the neo-industrial and post-apocalyptic form which up with warm amber light, underlining the form of […]

Table Lamp Made With Old Wire

By Neokentin

12 v lamp with Power Supply 110 – 220 v. With special led which looks like Edison bulb for a warm light. Size: 22 x 15 cm.

Artkraft Gallery Tour: a Paradise for Vintage Industrial and Agricultural Furniture from the 20th Century

By Neodim

The artKRAFT Gallery deals with original, authentic industrial furniture and accessories. The furniture and accessories send us in the industrial or agricultural past of the 20th century. Due also to the style and […]

Industrial Re-purposed Vintage Wooden Shoe & Metal Roller Skate Up-cycled Steampunk Lamp

By Neokentin

Vintage Corey “5A” Shoemaker Last is a great item on it’s own as shown in photos. Vintage distressed and rusted Roller Skate is a great find and fits the Wooden […]

Desk Lamp Industrial Recycling Made From Upcycled Umbrella Slats

By 100rings

I built this lamp that I called “Industrial Recycling” using old slats of a wooden umbrella, a tin can as shade, and an old brick as the base, the lamp […]

Bellows Cam Light & Brownie Box Cam Light

By Neodim

The vision of Unik Aspekt is to bring back life into worn out materials, and miscellaneous debris found on my way through life. I believe in sustainability as an absolutely […]

Industrial Lamps

By BorkaNYC

Both of these lamps were made from antique/vintage drill presses and other bits and parts, including old hurricane lamp cut to size, old lock, 1920’s egg beater, US Navy electrical […]

Vintage Steam Punk Industrial Re-purposed World Globe Swivel Desk / Floor Lamp

By Neodim

I made this amazing One Of A Kind table or floor lamp. I call it my “What’s this world coming to?“, it’s an Industrial Steam Punk re-purposed world globe into […]

Repurposed Industrial Steam Punk Gas Pump Into Lamp

By Neodim

This desk lamp is made from a repurposed vintage industrial 1930’s – 1940’s gas pump handle & gas can. The cast aluminum EBW 402 gas pump handle with spout is […]

Banc Industriel Design / Wood & Metal Industrial Bench

By Neodim

This design bench is made of wood and metal and can accommodate up to 3 people. Exclusively made by Hewel mobilier, this industrial bench has a seat made of a […]

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