Steampunk Upcycled Vintage 1920 Remington Typewriter Repurposed Plasma Desk Lamp

Check out how this Vintage Typewriter has been transformed into this awesome “One of a Kind” light. This Vintage Remington Typewriter has been re-purposed using a Plasma Light as it’s center of attention. This Steampunk light will look great on any writer’s desk or give you inspiration while writing your blog.

Antique Vintage Early 1920’s portable Remington Typewriter.

Everything as been Re-purposed, Re-imagined, Reused and Recycled from the original Typewriter and it’s carrying case. Extra pieces have been added to steampunk style and may be consist of faux pieces/color to resemble the industrial age.


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Can you still hit the buttons and smash those little metal letters ito the ball? Would it react? If so it would be a great metaphor of some sort.

Jessica S.
Jessica S.

Is this still available? I absolutely love it!

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