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Industrial Scrap & Film Reel Table Light

By Neokentin

Table light created out of some industrial machine scrap items, vintage bronze light socket and an old 16mm film reel. To complete the light, a cool Edison style light bulb […]

Paint Roller Lamp

By Neokentin

My paint roller lamps that I made from paint roller frames. They have interchangeable designs.

Scrub Brush Light

By Neokentin

I made this light using multiple coloured scrub brushes!

Toilet Brush Light

By Neokentin

I made this lamp using over 100 (factory seconds) Toilet Brushes for a repurposing project at University !  

Mixed Light

By Neokentin

I’ve made this ceilinglamp from a discarded industrial dough-whisk. It holds up with some Meccanoparts and bedsprings. Take a look at Sebastien Demeulenaere website for more updates.

License Plate Art & Maps

By Neokentin

I make all kinds of art and maps using recycled, vintage, expired license plates. Hope you enjoy! More pieces available to view over on Design Turnpike website.

The Wurlitzer 9000 Walking Music Machine

By Neokentin

The WurliTzer 9000 is a walking music machine! It is made by CyberCraft Robots from industrial and found objects assemblage !

Kinetic Sculptures

By Neokentin

Utah artist Andrew Smith creates incredible kinetic sculptures from stuff found in junk yards and garage sales. His trash collection fills a 30-by-50-foot steel structure, and from the thousands of discarded […]

Pipeworks Coat Racks

By Neodim

Ready for hats, coats and, no doubt, admiring remarks. This larger coat rack from the Pipework Series attractively combines fun and function. The Pipework Series exploits the raw visual impact […]

+brauer Lights

By Neodim

French designer +Brauer lives and works in Paris. Since 20 years, +Brauer has created many album covers for French and international artists and works in parallel as a visual painter, photographer and sculpter. […]

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