Vintage Gasoline Torch Lamp

By Neokentin

I made this lamp from an old torch an added a simple roller switch and a flame bulb.

Industrial Repurposing

By Neokentin

Finding beauty in industrial components that were not designed to be beautiful … but are. Using out-of-the-box juxtaposition techniques to force us to look at our industrial machine by-gone through […]

Recycled Industrial Lighting by Back From The Dead

By Neokentin

Back From The Dead is based in the northeast of England. We create unique and unusual pieces from disgarded items. Each piece has a story and hopefully through the repurposing […]

B9 Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp “cricket B9” made from raw metal with an industrial recovery spirit. Searchlight is made from a repurposed tin can, round leg from a recovery stamped “cricket B9” and green textile electrical cable […]

55-gallon Steel Drums Upcycled Into Furniture

By Neokentin

55-gallon steel drum re-purposed as furniture: sofa, coffee table, bench, bar… Powder coated finish, aluminum and wood accents and details.

Deschênes Art

By Neokentin

Jimmy Deschênes is a multidisciplinary artist and cabinetmaker from Montreal, Canada. He works primarily from recycled materials. He has designed interiors, art and decorative items for over 20 years. Through […]

Antique French Farm Hoe Blade Lamp

By Neokentin

I found these vintage hoe blades from the flea market. I had originally thought about hanging them on the wall as-is, or making sconces from them, but they are SO […]

1/1 Design

By Neokentin

Unique lamp designs made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Furniture Made from Industrial Molds

By Neokentin

At “Fontegrise”, a french based brand, we decided to give a new life to old industrial molds. After long hours of cleaning and repairing these molds , our designer, Gil […]

Oxyd Industrial Tables

By Neokentin

OXYD’s exclusive industrial furniture pieces are made with recycled car hoods and trunks. The table collection is designed and built in Montreal, Canada. The colour, texture, and shape of each […]

Lamps Robots Assemblage

By gille monte ruici

Here is a new series of creations: The lamps robots. They are constituted by an aluminum gourd, mobile lamps, as well as kitchenware, washbasin siphon and thread stalks.


By Neokentin

Found materials: industrial red plastic with Dutch text: ‘Watch out high voltage cable’, electrical wire, thermoplastic connectors. H. 26,5 cm x L. 53,5 cm x D. 25 cm.

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