Re>>> Amazing Recycled Musical Instruments

By Neokentin

I built original musical instruments from recycled junk I found by visiting city, town, village & community. I collect large garbages from trash areas then, build musical instruments with them. […]

Upcycled Instruments Become Lightmusic Lamps

By LightMusic

With a passion for the beauty of musical instruments and a desire to honor their original purpose, I design a new intent for broken instruments. They continue in joyous, melodic harmony as beacons of LightMusic – sculptures that happen to light up – celebrate imagination, whimsy, and the music that still echoes within their graceful shapes. They will up brighten any corner, not to mention the corners of a smile as they cast their glow. LightMusic has to be seen in person to truly appreciate their allure. As such, we are in need representation by art galleries and venues to spotlight their magical qualities.

Concerto Grosso Nuovo Sculpture On A Cello

By Sbrewer

“I love vintage 60-150-year-old beautifully designed parts and objects, especially musical instruments or ancient mechanical objects. The graphic design and engineering of the industrial to the science fiction eras inspire me.”

A concerto literally means, “little ensemble” in which musical material is passed between a small group of soloists and/or full symphony. The musical form was developed in the late seventh century. Nuovo (new) Concerto Grosso’s enjoyed a resurgence in the 20th century inspiring composers Stravinsky, Bloch, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Villa-Lobos, Phillip Glass and many others.

Cork Recycled Art Piano Hat

By BeautyofHats

My friend owns a champagne business. One day she came to me with a bag full of recycled: champagne corks, wire and the cork’s aluminium cover. She asked if I […]

Cigar Box Kalimba

By andrew

This is a Cigar box kalimba/sanza I’ve made. I take of all the paper because this removes the sound. People who make cigar box guitars do not do this because […]

The Social Lamellaphone – A Unique Musical Instrument

By Neokentin

The social lamellaphone is a unique acoustic instrument for experimental music making and exploration of cooperative creativity. 
Derived from the musical technology of the familiar African ‘thumb piano’ (ie kalimba, […]

Cigar Box Guitar

By Neokentin

Old cigar box, broken fork, drawer handle + some work = guitar ready to play!

Recycled Sitar Guitar

By Neokentin

Electric instrument, made with pieces of an old shelf, bed slats, steel, guitar neck, guitar microphones, strings. 32 strings instrument, mix of a 6 strings electric guitar, a 6 strings […]

Bed Slats Guitar

By Neokentin

Electric guitar, the body is made of bed slats, the neck is from a Stratocaster.


By Neokentin

Rainstick made from paper tube (lenght 70 cm).

Recycled Musical Instruments

By Neokentin

Innovative green, ecological, art and fashion, real functionally and utilitarian recycled musical instruments (violins, guitars, pianos, cello, etc.). In original classic or prototype designs, shapes and appearance, made from used […]

Honk Fest

By Neokentin

Honk Fest is a water feature made from upcycled musical instruments, brass collectables and plumbing parts.

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